A Rest of Nine Pennies

Chris' Notes for Episode 1
Chris' Notes for Episode 1

9 Pennies rest Season 1 episode 1
The season is spring and the storms have been bashing the coast line and cresting the castle hill
Gwayne has ordered an impromptu court
The court is alerted to new arrivals
The sound of armour clanking comes down the hall and the sounds echo though the banquet.
Collin’s Companions are announced and enter the room. They are a band of hedge knights. Each one in turn anounces themself to the lord
They request hospitality and it is granted
Mike is invited to the beach by one of the hotties..
Mike is escorted by the group of four
Futhermore, there is signing that can be heard from down near the beach
Mark and Flint investigate
These are three of the hedge knights
The party continues throught the night
Flint and he escorts the hottie to the room and is meet by syr jorin and offers a veiled appology
Willam is wearing armour that is made by Syr Bors of the rain wood.


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