Brennan Ryland



House: House Morgan
Titles: Ser Brennan of House Ryland, Ward of Lord Gwayne of House Morgan and Heir of Rahab’s Reach

Things True

  1. Brennan is rarely found without a smirk on his face or a jibe on his tongue.
  2. This can tend to get him into sticky situations, but his charm can usually prevail.
  3. Once Brennan’s cool is blown, he will not be able to stop his rage from exploding at his adversary.

Alliser Morgan’s best friend
Cedric Brock’s former squire


Brennan is an entertainer, and loves to be the center of attention. A loyal friend and fearless combatant, Brennan is a good man to have in your corner. Beneath the jovial exterior looms a secret that Brennan has learned to control and quell over the years with the help of Cedric: a fierce, overpowering anger. Luckily, if you do manage to pierce his considerably tough skin, his anger can usually be tempered much like steel; by quenching it in cool liquid (preferably ale, though wine will do in a pinch). Brennan looks forward to the day that the noble Houses of Ryland and Morgan can live without suspicion of one another, and works to that goal.


A generally calm-demeanoured soul, Brennan has learned to quell his anger. On a visit to his family lands as a child, Brennan was insulted by a vassal who believed he was out of earshot. Brennan, a large child even then who did not know his own strength, grabbed a small branch and began to whip the man with it. With each stroke he became angrier and angrier, and by the time his arm could no longer lift the branch, the man was dead. Horrified by his actions, Brennan swore to learn to temper his wrath, a task which he has made great strides in.. He now keeps his temper firmly in check, leaving his words to work for him. His mentor Cedric, whom he squired for, has also helped him with this in addition to his formal arms training.

Brennan Ryland

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