Cedrick Brocc



House: House Morgan
Titles: Ser Cedrick of House Brocc, pretender to the Lordship of Leviathan’s Rest. Veteran of the House Morgan Infantry and active member of the House Guard of Leviathan’s Rest.

Things True

  1. Cedrick is married and has two children (oldest is Criston and youngest is Camille)
  2. Although slowing down, he was known for his strength and prowess in battle.
    While he can still hold his own, Cedrick is most relied upon for his knowledge of battle and combat.
  3. Cedrick’s Wife, Alla, has become ill of recent.
    While it is believed that it is the sickness that comes with conception, she is not pregnant.


  • As most can assume, Cedrick’s closest relationships are with his family.

Cedrick Brocc

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