Jarrek Vierra

A Braavosi Water Dancer with an an indomitable spirit.



House: House Morgan
Titles: Jarrek of House Vierra of Braavos. Active member of the Personal Guard of House Morgan.

Things True

  1. Jarrek is very loyal to Alliser Morgan.
    The two are good friends. Jarrek admires Alliser’s honour and would likely die for him if the situation arose.
  2. Jarrek’s ultimate goal in life is to avenge his father’s death.
    Jarrek adored his father in life and was devastated when he was murdered. Jarrek’s mother Amara took him back to the Stormlands and Jarrek has harboured some resentment towards his mother ever since.
  3. Jarrek has little fear. He believes it to be a weakness.
    His courage and steadfastness, although good qualities, have gotten him into trouble more times than he can count.


  1. Belief 1: “I believe my father was murdered unjustly in Oldtown; I will discover the identity of his murderer.”
  2. Belief 2: “I must learn to control my anger; I will develop patience and self-control through the teaching of Braavosi tenets and the training given to me.”
  3. Belief 3: “I believe that I am worthy of title; I will pursue title, lands, and possibly my own house through service and deed to my liege Alliser Morgan – I will prove myself to him.”
  4. Belief 4: “I believe that the poor and destitute are worthy of protection and lack it simply because of their circumstances; I will protect those who need it.”


As mentioned above, Jarrek is a loyal house guard to Alliser Morgan. They are close friends and Jarrek trusts him.
Jarrek also has a close relationship to Brennan Ryland. Both he and Jarrek are of similar age and have spent a considerable amount of time in close quarters guarding Alliser.
Cedrick Brocc is like the uncle Jarrek never had. Although Jarrek finds his patience and maturity a chore most times (Jarrek can be quite hot-headed), he does admire the man and hopes to learn much from him.



Jarrek sees himself as bound to both serve (his land, king, and for the honour of his father) and to die. He is practically fearless in every endeavor and, although angry and sometimes menacing (he takes pride in not being a victim), he is honourable. In times of solitary reflection, Jarrek is often overcome with guilt for living such a grim life and yearns to overcome these challenges and live like his mentor and hero… his father.


Jarrek was born in Braavos and spent the first fourteen years of hi life in relative comfort. He leaned much from his father, including the Water Dancer style of fighting. Jarrek worshiped his father and was happy. Until one fateful when all that changed Jarrek returned home one afternoon to find his mother sobbing at the kitchen table. Her husband had been killed and Amara was saying they had to leave immediately. Jarrek fled for the Stormlands with his mother, having no answers to the complicated questions that plagued him. He quickly became one of House Morgan’s guards and became good friends with Alliser and Brennen. His nights are sometimes plagued with nightmares and Jarrek often throws himself into dangerous situations in a feeble attempt to deal with his conflicted emotions.

Jarrek Vierra

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