Kensington Morgan

As clever as he is naive...



House: House Morgan
Titles: Kensington of House Morgan, son of Oswell Morgan of Leviathan’s Rest.

Things True

  1. IT IS KNOWN, Kensington is naive.
    Is he young, inexperienced and just a stupid kid? Sure, but this trait is linked to the arrogance that this 13 year old carries in his family and his position. He believes that his family name, the power behind his banner, and the company he keeps will be strong enough to answer for any slights his mouth may cause.
  2. He will never doubt the actions or the motives of his father.
    He will not necessarily turn on the people who will become close to him. But he would be likely to end up in total denial about any suggestion that his father will do something dishonourable or not in the best interests of his house. To betray his closest family, he would have to be tricked. Which… well, he’s 13.
  3. The kid may act elitist, but he is desperate to impress any and all members to his group.
    Obviously, as a squire, he wants to protect his master. But Kensington desperately wants to impress any and all members of this group. Of course, he’d brag so much about any positive feedback that no one would ever compliment him again, about anything.


Alister – Kensington is his squire. He would do anything to impress him, except shut his mouth. Well, Kensington thinks that his wit is what will win his knight’s favour. Most likely, it won’t.

Jarrek – That dude is scary. Really scary. Also, why would you want to be a water dancer when you could be a knight of house Morgan?

Oswalt – Kensington’s father. Could do no wrong in his son’s eyes. Also, his father has always been better battling with his wits than with a sword. Kensington follows that philosophy, but his father’s words are far more clever. Kensington has not yet learned to master is phrasing or timing when it comes to one-liners. His father’s words haven’t killed him yet – thus Kensington believes it is his RIGHT to be crass lippy prick.


Kensington of House Morgan is the bratty, clever, but extremely naive son of Oswalt in House Morgan. Because he (and his father) are the furthest male heirs from the head of the Morgan house, his father taught Kensington that cleverness and cunning would be the key to their success and rise to power in this world.

However, being too young and naive, Kensington is not yet at the point where he could conceive of the reason or purpose of betraying/sabotaging his own house for any reason. His father has always been a dissenting voice, viewed by others as clever, secretive and mischievous figure, but he has taught Kensington to love and respect his house — regardless of whether or not he voices opinions that disagree with actions of their house.

With his father being dismissive of the path and actions of the House Morgan (in private, within his immediate family) Kensington has learned to be a contrarian little shit from his father. Worse, his father encouraged this behaviour until he realized he raised a little hellion, and at age 13 — his son might see an early exit from this world if he doesn’t toughen up and learn when to bite his tongue on occasion. Oswalt sent his son into this world with the idea that he can say whatever he wants, because his house is powerful enough to answer for it.

Kensington Morgan

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