Banner Houses

There are two types of Banner Houses that a Player House may invest their Power into:

Minor Houses and Landed Houses.

Minor Houses are noble houses that have land, a title and follow the rules for investing power into a banner house as noted in the book. Typically Minor Houses do not swear fealty to other Minor Houses. Thus the significant investment cost for Minor Houses. A Minor House that invests in having Minor House as their Banner House may deflect a House Fortune result upon the Minor House at any time. A Minor House may raise or fall in ranking through story means, but the player house will always have the ability to defelect House Fortune results on this Banner House so long as the banner house remains vassals of the player house.

Landed Houses are referred to as Knightly houses in parts of Westeros were Knighting is common. Landed Houses typically have small lots of land, but have not been named Lord of a stronghold. a like House Cassel from the books. They are essentially banner houses far too small to be a noble house, but far too great to be a simple Landed Knight house.

The cost for each Landed House is 5 Power. They get 3 dice in each area instead of the 5 that nobles house banner’s get. Players may not deflect the results of a House Fortune roll onto a Landed House. A Landed house can be raised through story means to a Minor House, or lose their landed status entirely. To be able to deflect House Fortune results on a banner house that started as a Landed House and raised in House Ranking, the player house must first invest the remaining cost in power.

It is assumed that your average Minor House would support a series of less significant Landed Houses that do not hold enough power to cost from this mechanic, but have sworn fealty to a lord and may have existed multiple generations.

Banner Houses

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