Destiny Points

(An official game mechanic in the SoI&F RPG books)

A number of Destiny points are awarded to you based on your character’s age during creation. This is directly linked to your age, as is the number of destiny points you can invest into benefits at character creation.

After character creation, you can spend, burn, earn and invest Destiny points.

Spending Destiny

Spending Destiny is a temporary way of using the Destiny Points system. At the end of a specific story, all destiny spent through this manner should return to you.

You can spend a Destiny Point at any time, even when it’s not your turn, thought it’s polite to let other players finish their turns first.

You may only spend a single Destiny Point at a time for any one of the following effects:

  • Gain +1B. This die can exceed the normal limits on bonus dice.
  • Convert one bonus die into a test die.
  • Remove -1D
  • Bestow -1D on opponent.
  • Take an extra Lesser Action
  • Ignore Armor Penalty for one round.
  • Improve or worsen another character’s disposition by one step.
  • Negate another character’s use of a spent Destiny Point.
  • Add a minor detail to a scene, such as a shoddy lock, a minor clue, or another useful but small element that can move the story along. (Like Style!)
  • Activate environmental quality.
  • Ignore environmental quality.

Burning Destiny

When spending a Destiny Point is not enough, you can always burn a destiny Point for a much greater effect. Burning a Destiny Point permanently reduces the number of Destiny Points you have. In effect, they function like extra lives, giving you much more control over the dice when they turn against you. Destiny Points are rare and precious commodities, so burn them wisely.

As with spending Destiny Points, you may only burn one at a time. A burned Destiny Point can achieve any one of the following results:

  • Convert all bonus dice into test dice.
  • Add +5 to your test results.
  • Automatically succeed on one test as if you had rolled the Difficulty exactly.
  • Remove all damage and injuries (though not wounds).
  • When defeated, decide the consequences of your own defeat.
  • Transform another character’s successful test into a failed test.
  • Automatically compel another character in an intrigue.
  • Permanently remove the penalties associated with a negative quality.
  • Negate the effects of another character’s burned Destiny Point.
  • Add a significant detail to a scene, such as gaining a major clue, finding a way out of a nasty predicament, or some other significant useful element that moves the story along in your favor.
  • Avoid certain death. When you use this option, your character is presumed dead and is removed from the story until such time as the Narrator deems it appropriate for the character’s return.

Investing Destiny

I don’t have any house rules to investing destiny points into qualities. As a reminder, please be aware that a GM must approve any investment of Destiny.

Earning Destiny: (House Ruled from Burning Wheel RPG)

The rules for Earning Destiny were pretty vague. And with style earning already vague, I wanted something a little more concrete for how to earn destiny. Luckily, someone reminded me of how great the idea of goals & rewards is in the RPG Burning Wheel. So I’ve decided to borrow them! Listed below are the House Rules for earning Destiny.

Players will start the game by writing 3 Beliefs. A Belief is a single sentence that says something about how the character thinks and what his motivations are in life.

The first should involve a short term goal. It may or may not tie into a larger plot.

The second should be a long term goal, involving the plot already identified.

The third should involve another PC, or a primary NC.

Once a belief has been completed within the game, a (permanent) Destiny Point is rewarded to the

When Eddard is imprisoned, Robb decides he wants to free his father. It’s a major part of the story so it can be done in increments. An example would be the following Belief:

I believe my father is imprisoned unjustly, I will raise his bannermen and march south.

Robb now has to engage the story calling the bannermen and convincing them to honor their pledges to fight for the Starks. It’s a series of short Intrigues, it might take a session, it might take more. Once it’s done and he’s gathered his host, he rewrites the belief.

I believe my father is imprisoned unjustly, I will march south to free Riverrun to make my position stronger.

After each success, he gets his reward, the Destiny Point and rewrites his Belief. If something happens in the meantime, that the player feels changes his course away from that entirely (hint – end of book 1!), he can also rewrite it. Or it just might happen that his priorities change and may need to change it. Beliefs should always be worked out with the Narrator, they shouldn’t be too easy to accomplish, but neither should they be too vague.

Destiny Points

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