House Morgan

Lord: Lord Gwayne Morgan
Lady: Lady Rhea Morgan
Notable Figures: | Ser Jon Morgan | Ser Alliser Morgan | Oswell Morgan | Mareesa Morgan |
Pledge of Fealty: House Baratheon
Stronghold: Leviathan’s Rest
Rank: Minor

House morgan family tree

Founding: The Andal Invasion

Long ago, before scholars worked ever so rigorously to document the accounts of houses, House Morgan was born. Though the tales vary, it is universally told that a First Man lord by the name of Maddox, son of Morrigen was early to bend the knee to the Andal Invaders, and worked cooperatively with their conquerors to replace the traditions and gods of the First Men with the Faith of the Seven and culture of the Andals from Essos.

House Morgan and Morrigen are said to be from the same line of First Men. From the perspective of House Morgan, House Morrigen of the Crow’s Nest consists of a disobedient cadet branch that stubbornly rebelled against the new ways of life and fled to the mountains where they acted as villainous bandits until they too were conquered. House Morgan was awarded their predecessor’s castle and lands for their service to the Andals. Lord Maddox named the house Morgan in honor of his late father, the last of the First Men of the old way to rule the castle. There they would continue to swear fealty to the Storm Kings of the Stormlands and House Baratheon thereafter.

Brother Benedict

During the early reign of the Targaryen line on Westeros, Benton Morgan cast off his rights as second born heir to his family in an attempt to gain the favor of the Seven. His faith journey took him north to the Crownlands and into King’s Landing, where he became Godsworn. He contemplated his future as a Septon but became weary of the corruption within the city. Seeking to see the behavior of other Septons in Westeros, he became a Begging Brother, traveling Westeros, preaching of the Seven and begging for alms. His ten-year journey would take him north-west to the Riverlands, on to the western coast of the Westerlands, south to the Reach before returning east to his origin; the Stormlands.

By this time Brother Benedict had already gained great favor with the common folk, famous for his miracles and aid. Common folk would go to him to receive blessings, but they would ask for aid in the most mundane of tasks. While visiting a monastery south of Summerhall, Brother Benedict would enter seven days of solitude, an ancient practice of the faith seldom practiced. During his recluse, the abbot of the septry passed away and the locals would plead with Benedict to stay. Finally, after many refusals, Brother Benedict accepted the position as Abbot of the septry, becoming a Contemplative Brother and taking a vow of silence.

Within his first year of life as the abbot, Brother Benedict would find himself dissapointed with the septry’s practices and it’s disparity from the Faith of the Seven’s core doctrine. He would work hard on his life achievment, a set of rules that would later be named the Rule of Benedict, which not only enforced the sworn vows of the Brown Brothers, but also sought to bring agreement with the practices of the septry and the Faith of the Seven. These changes were not well liked by many of the brothers at the septry. There were two recorded assassination attempts on his life. The first was by wine. It is said that as he prayed to the mother for the drink offered, the glass shattered. A second record stated that the poison this time was by bread. As Brother Benedict prayed over the bread to the Crone for wisdom, a raven swooped in and took the bread from his hand.

By the end of Brother Benedicts life, he would be responsible for the founding of ten septrys throughout the Stormlands, Crownlands and Reach. House Morgan received considerable benefits from it’s furthered relationship with the Faith of the Seven. The Rule of Benedict is in practice in all Septrys today.

A Scandalous Wedding

At the tail quarter of last century, Jostin Morgan, the young Knight and second heir to the house would receive an invitation to attend a Tournament in King’s Landing. Jostin was a man of indulgence, and it was through this indulgence he would meet his wife. Upon visiting the finest Den of Iniquity that Kings Landing had to offer, he would meet a young courtesan nearly as famous for her wit as her evident beauty. It was here Jostin was to have said to his men that he ‘must have her’. Her name was Chelsea, and she was said to have been a lord’s bastard. Jostin would indulge in Chelsea, but a night wasn’t enough. Jostin would buy her freedom from the brothel and return with her to his personal lands, using the faith to wed her against his father’s will. Within that first year of marriage, Chelsea gave birth twins. The first born Osmund, would go on to birth the future line of the house. The second born Mycroft, would birth a cadet branch of House Morgan that nearly led to internal war.

The Mad Lord Jostin

The following decade, a plague swept through the Dornish Marches, rippling up the eastern coast and killing one out of every ten people. Unfortunately, the odds were not in the favor of House Morgan. The plague went on to kill Jostin’s father Robert and Jostin’s elder brother Mykel, and Mykel’s only son, a mere infant at the time, leaving Jostin as rightful Lord. Jostin would be one of very few nobles who contracted the plague, but survived it. The unfortunate price he paid to survive, was that of madness. The first move of Mad Lord Jostin’s rule was to raise Chelsea to noble claim, making her his rightful wife and his sons rightful heirs, publicly revealing her claim to nobility as the bastard daughter of the late King Aegon IV. This move was less than popular throughout Westeros, and Lord Jostin lost the respect of his courtly peers. It did however, earn the attention of Lord Daemon Blackfyre, a ‘Great Bastard’ of the same King, who was offered a royal heirloom and legitimized at the King’s deathbed. Lady Chelsea accepted this offer, an unfortunate move just a few short years before House Blackfyre staged it’s rebellion. Eyes watched House Morgan, waiting for them to take sides during the Rebellion, but they remained neutral through the one year incident.

As time passed, Lord Jostin’s paranoia increased. A late Maester documented accounts of Lord Jostin roaming the halls of his castle at night, having whispered conversations with himself and spying on anyone in his service he believed was betraying him. Even in madness, he was loyal to Chelsea until the day of her death. Afterwards he was a maddened, sad and broken man who would pass from the Pox just a few short years after his wife, passing control of the house onto his first son Osmund.

Ser Benton the Benevolent

Fourteen years ago, a valiant tournament knight proved to all of King’s Landing by winning a royal tournament and foiling a treacherous act to poison King Aegon V. Ser Benton Morgan was the mere age of twenty and one, and the second son of the late Lord Eoghan Morgan. He was rewarded with the highest of honors, an invitation on the prestigious King’s Guard. Ser Benton accepted, and served dutifully until his passing last year.

His peers spoke of Benton, as if he was the paragon of knightly caliber. House Morgan mourned the loss of a loyal subject, especially one that brought prestige to the house when it truly needed it. The death was shrouded in mystery, and foul play was suspected but not confirmed.


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House Morgan

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