House Ryland

Lord: Lord Kaeth Ryland
Lady: The Late Lady Jeyne Ryland
Notable Figures: | Ser Brennan | Ser Landon | Ser Bryce |
Pledge of Fealty: House Morgan
Stronghold: Rahab’s Reach
Rank: Minor

Founding: Treacherous Demands

Less than a century ago, two twins were born to the wife of the Mad Lord Jostin Morgan. The first out of the womb, Oswell, would go on to inherit the future of House Morgan. The corrupt foundation of House Ryland begins with the tale of the second born twin, Mycroft Morgan.

It is said that Mycroft was incredibly crafty and ambitious, with his eyes set on the entirety of House Morgan. He set his plans into motion immediately after his first marriage, resulting in over twenty legitimate children and a half dozen bastards.

Lord Eoghan, son of Mycroft’s twin brother Osmund was unable to produce a male heir. This was the point where Mycroft began moving his plan into place, ready to execute under his first born heir Desmond whom he confided in. Desmond was a master swordsman, unlike his younger brother Kaeth, who was more appropriately suited for the court. Together, Mycroft and Desmond gathered enemies of House Morgan, and readied a mercenary army to lay siege when the time was right. Though Lord Eoghan Morgan produced an heir from a female line, the claim was weak enough to challenge.

Unfortunately for Mycroft, the sudden loss of his son Desmond would delay the succession. With Ser Desmond gone, many of the allies ready to participate in the pretender war withdrew. Mycroft lost half of his mercenary army. With little time left to wait, he ordered the pretender army to march on Leviathan’s Rest under the command of the young heir Goffrey Morgan, Desmond’s first born son and Mycroft’s appointed heir. Kaeth Morgan chose to stay faithful to House Morgan and betrayed his father’s orders in advance. A small contingent closed in on Rahab’s Reach to bring Mycroft to justice, only to find a man dying from illness. He would die before the war was over.

In all the war was less than five days. Once Mycroft died, the pretender army filled with sell swords began doubting the likelihood of their pay, and dispersed on the fourth night. Goffrey Morgan and his younger brother Augyst were taken captive. Goffrey claimed right to take the Black and headed to the wall the following morning. His nine year old brother would remain captive in a dungeon cell until his death at the age of twenty.

In a bold attempt to retain the respect and loyalty of a very massive cadet branch of House Morgan, Lord Eoghan granted Kaeth Morgan the title of Rahab’s Reach, as well as rights to the mine and hills that surrounded it. The formal title was approved through King’s Landing, and Lord Kaeth Ryland assumed his rightful place as the lord of Rahab’s Reach. Every generation of House Ryland has agreed to send the primary heir of the house to House Morgan for fostering to ensure future loyalty.


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House Ryland

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