Colen's Companions


Colen’s Companions are a group of Hedge Knights led by Ser Colen of the Reach, a veteran Hedge Knight.

Like all bands of Hedge Knights, Colen’s Companions have had some new knights come and others go over the course of their existence. Below is the lineup as it currently stands:

Ser Colen of the Reach is perhaps, the most impressive of the lot of Hedge Knights. He is a knight of middle age, with well groomed facial hair that is the color of salt and pepper. His eyes are a piercing teal that seems to change color in the fire. He wears half-plate armor and carries with him a long sword. His shield is a vert (green) bend on an argent base.

Ser Triston of the Reach is a knight of smaller stature, dressed in splint armor and wielding a mace and shield. Triston looks to be quite fit, despite his size. His shield bears a simple argent base with a sable fess.

Ser Steffon of the Reach is the largest of the knights, looking rather awkward on his mount. He has an axe at his side and wears chain armor. His shield is worn, with two axes in solitaire of or (gold) over a gules (red) base.

Ser Robert of the Riverlands is a fairly attractive young hedge knight. It is plain to anyone’s eyes that he does not wield the impressive history of the three of the riverlands, but there is something charming about this fellow. One might even say gregarious. Ser Robert wears a Breast Plate with two small swords in solitaire strapped across his back. He does not possess a shield.

Ser Leo of the Dornish Marches wields a poleaxe and dresses in worn mail that looks to be ancient or kept poorly. He has a sharp, funny nose and is missing his left eye.

Ser Yoren of the Westerlands can be seen in possession of full plate-mail with a full helm and stands equipped with a classic long-sword, and war lance. He looks the part of a young noble knight more than any of the rest of these hedge knights. His shield is argent with three gules (red) lions in pale.

Colen's Companions

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